Adaptive Cycling program

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We will be restarting our biweekly visits to Onondaga Lake Park May 18 thru Sept 7.  We meet up just behind the Griffin Visitor Center near the Wegmans playground end of the East Lake trail from 1-4 pm every other Saturday! Please come out and a join us for a ride along this fantastic trial!  We have a number of different adaptive cycles to chose from for a relaxing or challenging ride your choice!  Please check out our calendar for specific dates we will be at the park!

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  1. Barry Depot

    I am a ventilator dependent individual. I am able to mobilize in/out of a wheelchair but have a ventilator (primarily) that will need a place to be placed on a recumbent/basket. I also have a suction machine (medium sizes square bag) and an emergency bag (back pack). The suction machine and emergency bag can stay on the ground near where I might be riding to try the adaptive cycles. I am looking into options that might work best for me to get out and about in our neighborhood. I’d like to see if there are assisted/electric trikes/recumbents that I might be able to go further distances, but also be able to ride using my legs. I currently ride an indoor stationary bike tree times per week for anywhere from 15-min to 45-min per session. Would a Saturday visit help with my decision making?

    • Jeff Wright

      Hi Barry
      A visit would definitely help both of us to better understand if we can accomodate your condition with our equipment. We have a side by side recumbent cycle which has a platform between the two bikes which maybe suitable to hold your equipment. Need to review your equipment and how best to restrain it on this platform. We’ll be back in Onondaga Lake Park on June 15 from 1-4 pm assuming the weather cooperates. I hope to see you then, Jeff Wright

  2. Barry Depot

    Thanks Jeff. Yes, weather permitting I hope to be there with my son.